Cold Store Clerk

Admin, Office & Support,

Our client in Cape Town Harbour is seeking a Cold Stores Clerk to join their team to administer the receipt, issue and transfer of products in the most efficient and effective manner.


  • Fulfil your functions within the rules, regulations, instructions, policies and procedures applicable to The Company.
  • Administer stock/products received from suppliers.
  • Administer stock/products issued or transferred to customers and clients.
  • Administer stock balance reports.


  • Receiving of COS’s from The Company or a written order from clients
  • Acting as the link between traders and the cold store and the client and the cold store
  • Generating orders and passing the printed order to the Cold Store.
  • Administer the processing of documents
  • Generating picking slips
  • Checking picking slips for correctness and comparing it with the COS to ensure that both documents correspond with each other
  • Receiving signed picking slips from the Cold Store Supervisor after products have been loaded
  • Generating GIV’s in triplicate
  • Placing original GIV’s on file
  • Handing copies of GIV’s to the applicable driver and obtaining his signatures on the document
  • Forwarding the third copy to the appropriate client
  • Executing stock transfers after receipt of a COS or written instruction via the computer (Makro “Hotkey”), printing a transfer voucher and forwarding it to both the clients involved
  • Receiving delivery notes from the Cold Store Supervisor or client.
  • Confirming the existence of instructions for the receiving of products/stock via COP’s from The Company or written instructions from clients
  • Instructing the Cold Store Supervisor to off-load products
  • Receiving a list with the product breakdown
  • Printing of empty location lists
  • Printing of pallet tickets
  • Allocating storage location/space in the cold stores
  • Generating GRV’s and handing/forwarding a copy thereof to the applicable client
  • Printing of stock balance reports
  • Keeping clients updated with regards to stock balances when requested
  • Resolving stock related queries
  • Assisting customers/clients with administrative related queries
  • Assisting with physical stocktaking’s when required or requested
  • Maintaining of office support equipment and the reporting of problems which cannot be resolved
  • Obtaining prior approval from the Cold Store Manager with regards to any adjustments to be made regarding stock levels
  • Maintaining general office neatness
  • Requesting stationary when required

Location: Western Cape CPT – CBD
Salary: R 8000 – R 9500
Closing date: 23 December 2015
Reference: CPT000281/YS