General Practise Staff Required


General Practise

Positions Available:
  • 3 Doctors [2 rotational and 1 full week]
  • 2 Receptionists
  • 1 Staff Nurse
  • 1 Finance Officer
  • 1 Office Manager.

Immploy Recruitment is in need of a General Practitioner who would want to enter Private Practice by starting off with a 2 & 3 day work roster.

Working days are normally 8 hours. The practice rotates on a 3-weekly basis; this means that the doctors work on a 3-weekly shift [taking into consideration their personal obligations when necessary and where possible]

Thursday: “Clinic” visits to the retirement villages and bedridden patients

Weekend on: Friday 09:00 & 18:00 + Saturday 08:00 & 13:00

Weekend off: Friday 08:00 & 13:00 only patients

Weekend standby: if colleagues have union meetings or training

The surgery is not open to the public on public holidays, Sundays and closes the day before Easter, Christmas and New Year at 13:00. We also do not engage in after-hours as the Thursday clinics are sufficient to cover the need. We do other home visits over and above Thursdays where the situation so requires [e.g. bedridden patients and death certificates] and provide for emergency consultations in the surgery as well. Colleagues also relieve each other when taking leave.

The practice has contracts with the most medical aids and aims to record all information through the electronic systems in use. We have state of the art equipment to conduct procedures, side room tests and ECG’s among other things. We employ a staff-nurse to assist with side room procedures / tests, blood pressure, injections, blood samples, nebulizing and other procedural situations.

The team will consist of 3 doctors [2 rotational and 1 full week], 2 receptionist, 1 staff-nurse, 1 finance officer and 1 office manager.

  • Rates will be determined according to experience.


  • HPCSA Registration
  • Proof Of Independent Practice
  • Proof Of Medical Indemnity
We offer: R300 – R350 Hourly

For More details, contact Gershon Gouvias at Immploy Recruitment on:

Tel: 021 556 3990 / 074 230 4445