How to spot Fake Transnet Jobs

How to spot Fake Transnet Jobs

There is a lot of fake job listings all over the internet. Scammers create fake job adverts to get your personal information from you. The scammers can also ask you to pay an application fee.

The most popular type of fake job ads Scammers use is Transnet Jobs. There are hundreds of fake Transnet job adverts on Google and on Facebook.

Here are screenshots of Fake Transnet Job ads currently on Google. 

redflag job

Here are some red flags of fake Transnet jobs

  • Apply on Facebook.  YOU CAN NOT APPLY ON FACEBOOK.  Transnet and other companies only accept Applications for jobs positions via their website on the careers portal.
  • Spelling and grammar mistakes. Most Fake jobs have grammar mistakes.  This is a sign that the job listing was created by someone unprofessional.
  • “currently available throughout South Africa” This is too good to be true. How can a vacancy be available everywhere in the country to anyone with or without experience or any Qualifications needed?

flag job 22

  • Contact details: YOU CAN NOT Whatsapp Transnet for more information. This is a big red flag. A Company or business would never ask you to Whatsapp them for more details or to apply via Whatsapp or Facebook. Companies won’t ask you to call them on a cellphone number either.
  • Another Red Flag.  TAKE NOTE of the contact details of each Fake Transnet job listings ALL CONTACT DETAILS ARE DIFFERENT, names and numbers.

Please note: Transnet, its employees, or representatives never ask for a fee from job seekers. Any such requests are fraudulent.

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