Closing Date: 2016/04/29
Tracking Number: HOD 2016-01
Job Title: Head of Department Designate: Western Cape Education
Department: Department of Education
Salary level: 16
Reporting To: Minister D Schafer
Job Type: Contract
Location: Cape Town – CBD

Job Purpose:
The Western Cape Education Department, is seeking the services of an individual to provide leadership to the Department and is able to ensure delivery of the Departments mandate of quality of education and education institutions within the province.

Minimum Requirements:
• A relevant postgraduate Degree (NQF 7 qualification as recognised by SAQA).
• A minimum of 8 years’ relevant experience at senior managerial level (at least 5 years’ must be a member of the SMS in the Public Service).

• A Masters Degree in Education or an education related field.
• Extensive stakeholder relations within an education environment.
• A valid code B driver’s license.

Key Performance Areas:
1. Responsible for the provision of education planning services; management of curriculum development and assessment and examination processes; manage the development of basic education institutions and management-structures and coordinate delivery of programmes and activities.
2. Ensure compliance with statutory frameworks, regulations and professional ethics; and proactively implement policies and strategic priorities of the provincial government.
3. Analyse national norms and standards and policies and advise the provincial government on the implications for provincial policy; implement education innovations in a changing context.
4. Liaison with stakeholders on local, provincial and national executive level, ensuring good governance between entities.
5. Maintain good relations with relevant role-players; Also responsible for the strategic management, people management and financial management of the Department.
6. Provide efficient financial management services to the Department, including budgeting and complete oversight of the Departments Finances.

• Knowledge of the latest advances in public management and theory.
• Advanced knowledge of Organisational Development, People Management, Knowledge Management, institutional performance systems and processes of culture change and social capital development
• Advanced knowledge of modern systems of governance and administration.
• Knowledge of the policies of government of the day.
• Knowledge of global, regional and local political, economic and social affairs impacting on the provincial government of the Western Cape.
• Knowledge of Constitutional, legal and institutional arrangements governing the public sector.

Remuneration: All-inclusive remuneration package of R 1 656,618.00 – R 1 866,183.00 per annum (Salary Level 16).

Note: The remuneration package consists of a basic salary (70%) and the employers contribution to the Pension Fund. The remainder of the package may be structured according to your requirements.

Notes: Note: All shortlisted candidates will be subjected to a technical exercise that intends to test relevant technical elements of the job, the logistics of which will be communicated by the Department. Following the interview and technical exercise, the selection panel will recommend candidates to attend a generic managerial competency assessment (in compliance with the DPSA directive on the implementation of competency based assessments). The competency assessment will be testing generic managerial competencies using the mandated DPSA SMS Competency Assessment tools.




Post No: PS 39
Post title: Deputy Director: Learner Transport Schemes (LTS)
Directorate: Institutional Resource Support, Head Office, Cape Town
Remuneration: All-inclusive remuneration package of R 569 538 per annum.


  • A recognised and relevant 3 year tertiary qualification (REQV 13). 3 to 5 years’ management experience, preferably in an education environment.
  • Excellent writing, presentation and analytical skills.
  • Ability to work under pressure.
  • Very good computer skills – Excel, MS Word.
  • A valid driver’s licence.

Key Performance Areas:
Project Management:

  • Develop operational, business and process plans relating to LTS.
  • Manage and coordinate the facilitation of the procurement of learner transport for qualifying learners.
  • Manage the processing of LTS applications and facilitate the approval thereof.
  • Manage the effective implementation of the automation of LTS.
  • Manage the timeous re-advertisement of LTS routes.
  • Contribute to the alignment of the LTS plan with the Infra-structure plan.
  • Manage the development and review of relevant LTS policies and procedures.
  • Ensure the effective coordination of District testing of learner transport vehicles.
  • Manage the Independent Vehicle Inspection Team.
  • Manage and administer the LTS sub-directorate.
  • Prepare reports for the provincial and national management.
  • Draft responses in respect of ministerial, media and audit queries.
  • Liaise, communicate and corroborate effectively and timeously with a wide range of role players in and outside of government departments.

Human Resource Development:

  • Participation in the recruitment of staff to ensure the achievement of the sub-directorate’s business plan. 
  • Motivate, train, mentor and guide staff within the sub-directorate to achieve and maintain excellence in service delivery.
  • Actively manage the performance, evaluation and the rewarding of staff within the sub-directorate.
  • Monitor information capacity building within the sub-directorate.
  • Active involvement in the compilation of a human resource plan, a service delivery improvement programme and an information resources plan.
  • Promote sound labour relations within the sub-directorate.
  • Actively manage and promote the maintenance of discipline within the sub-directorate.

Financial Management:

  • Active participation in the budgeting process at sub-directorate and directorate level.
  • Preparing of the annual and adjustment budgets for the subdirectorate.
  • Direct responsibility for the efficient economic and effective control and management of the sub-directorate’s budget and expenditure.
  • Direct responsibility for ensuring that the correct tender and procurement procedures are adhered to in respect of purchases for the sub-directorate.
  • Reporting to the responsibility manager in all aspects of the subdirectorate’s finances.
  • Overall responsibility for the management, maintenance and safekeeping of the sub-directorate’s assets.
  • Ensuring that full and proper records of the financial affairs of the subdirectorate are kept in accordance with any prescribed norms and standards.

Enquiries: Mr Paul Swart 
Tel: (021) 467 2025